Melinda French Gates will allocate $1 billion to pro-abortion and feminist groups

The billionaire justified her decision by saying that "women in 14 states have lost the right to terminate a pregnancy."

Melinda French Gates will donate $1 billion over the next two years to groups that promote initiatives related to gender equality and reproductive rights. This announcement comes a few weeks after she announced that she was leaving the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a philanthropic institution she created with her ex-husband, Bill Gates.

In an opinion article published in The New York Times titled 'The Enemies of Progress Play Offense. I Want to Help Even the Match,' French Gates announced the news, demonstrating her firm commitment to reproductive rights, including access to abortion: 

That’s why, next week, I will leave the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, of which I was a co-founder almost 25 years ago, to open a new chapter in my philanthropy. To begin, I am announcing $1 billion in new spending over the next two years for people and organizations working on behalf of women and families around the world, including on reproductive rights in the United States. Women in 14 states have lost the right to terminate a pregnancy under almost any circumstances.

“In nearly 20 years as an advocate for women and girls, I have learned that there will always be people who say it’s not the right time to talk about gender equality. Not if you want to be relevant. Not if you want to be effective with world leaders (most of them men). The second the global agenda gets crowded, women and girls fall off. It’s frustrating and shortsighted," the billionaire said.

The $1 billion that French Gates will allocate to defend women’s reproductive rights will come from the $12 billion she received from her departure from the foundation.