Manhattan D.A. reverses course and will file murder charges against Daniel Penny

Progressive prosecutor Alvin Bragg will indict the former Marine following widespread anger and racial protests over the death of Jordan Neely on the New York subway.

The Manhattan District Attorney's Office, led by progressive prosecutor Alvin Bragg, announced Thursday that it will file criminal charges against Daniel Penny, the former Marine who neutralized Jordan Neely on a New York subway train. The prosecution has decided to initiate its proceedings following Neely's death, which sparked numerous street protests due to the race of the deceased.

Daniel Penny, a 24-year veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, will be arrested and face a charge of second-degree murder, which could carry a prison sentence of up to 15 years.

The charges come nearly two weeks after Penny pinned Jordan Neely, a mentally ill 30-year-old who witnesses said presented an erratic and aggressive attitude on a train running between the East Houston and Lafayette Street station. The ex-Marine applied a key against Neely to neutralize him. Jordan Neely had a history of mental problems and often frequented the station as a Michael Jackson impersonator. He also had an active arrest warrant for felony assault.

After Neely's death, officers detained Penny for questioning, but did not press charges against him and released him. However, the day after Penny's release, violent protests erupted in New York reminiscent of the savage incidents staged by Black Lives Matter following the death of felon George Floyd in 2020.

Now, Neely is facing second-degree murder charges in a criminal complaint filed by the office of Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, a progressive prosecutor with ties to Soros who has been in the news in recent months after starring in a bona fide judicial manhunt against former President Donald Trump, and all the while letting a large number of criminals go free in the Big Apple.