Local authorities recover the body of the last missing worker from the Baltimore bridge collapse

Local authorities identified José Mynor López as the sixth victim after the collapse on March 26.

(Voz Media/ AFP) Local authorities reported this Tuesday that they recovered the body of the sixth and last worker who died after the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapsed in Baltimore on March 26.

It all started when the container ship "Dali" collided with the bridge, causing it to collapse. After this, several cars fell into the Patapsco River although all the people inside the vehicles managed to escape unharmed.

Six of the eight Latin American workers (migrants from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras) who also fell into the river were less fortunate. Two of them managed to make it out alive and the others were presumed dead after days of searching. Their bodies began to appear but the last victim remained missing, until it was recovered this Tuesday. It is the body of José Mynor López, a 37-year-old Baltimore construction worker who was working on the bridge when the accident occurred, Mayor Brandon M. Scott said in a press release:

AFP reported that the special unit in charge of the disaster, made up of different members of the police, coast guard and government agencies claimed that they had already notified the family of José Mynor López that they had recovered his body.

Meanwhile, Scott said that work on rebuilding the bridge continues after "concluding this chapter of the search" for the bodies. The Francis Scott Key in Baltimore was, until now, the main bridge on the east coast of the United States as well as the ninth most important in the country.