Kevin Sorbo: "If I played a radical Islamist terrorist pedophile, I'd be nominated for an Oscar"

The actor denounces the censorship suffered by Christian and conservative ideological actors.

Actor Kevin Sorbo, known for playing the young Hercules in a TV series, criticized the prevailing woke culture in Hollywood and the dark and negative movies being made there. Sorbo condemned the reprisals that Christian and conservative ideological actors have been suffering during the last decades.

"I always joke that if I played a radical Islamic pedophile terrorist in a movie, I'd get nominated for an Academy Award. That's really a weird world we're in now. It's unfortunate," the actor told Just the News.

"You can make fun of all the stupid Christians."

The saddest thing for Sorbo is that "you can mock and laugh at all the stupid Christians for wanting movies with a good message. It is very rare. But it's a battle we're having right now."

This is a battle he has been fighting for decades and one he does not intend to run away from. In fact, he has created his own studio so he can make the movies he wants to make: positive and family-friendly. This is not a minority study. The actor's market research indicates that there are more than 80 million households that demand such movies.

"I make the movies I want to make."

This is a trend that could change. "In the last five or six years I've had actors come up to me on set and say, 'Hey, thanks for being a voice for us.' And I tell them: 'Well, why don't you be a voice for yourself? But they're all afraid to come out of that conservative closet because we're the ones getting hit and attacked," says the actor, who is not giving up hope of turning the situation around.

For the time being, he is happy with what he does. "I still have a career. Am I doing big budget TV shows or movies anymore? No. But that's fine. I’m doing the movies that I want to do."