Kevin McCarthy speaks out: "I will support President Trump"

The former speaker is confident that the former president will win the Republican primaries and defeat the Democratic candidate in the next elections.

Just days after announcing that he will leave Congress at the end of December, former House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, confirmed that he will endorse former President Donald Trump in the Republican Party primary.

"I will support the president. I will support President Trump," he said during an interview on CBS´s Sunday Morning show. "If Biden stays as the nominee for the Democrats, I believe Donald Trump will win."

When asked if he would be part of Trump's cabinet if he returned to the White House, McCarthy did not hesitate to answer:

In the right position. Look, if I’m the best person for the job, yes. I worked with President Trump on a lot of policies. We worked together to win the majority, but we also have a relationship where we’re very honest with one another.

McCarthy's support is the last that Trump has managed to garner. Publicly, prominent members of the Republican Party such as House Speaker Mike Johnson; Texas Governor Greg Abbott; and Senator Rick Scott have already shown their firm support for the former president's candidacy.