Julio Iglesias publishes an emotional letter on the eve of his 80th birthday

The artist sent a letter to the Spanish publication days before celebrating his 80th birthday: "it has not stopped helping me in my career."

Julio Iglesias will turn 80 this Saturday. The Spanish artist will celebrate his eightieth birthday on September 23 and, to do so, he has decided to organize a party at his mansion in The Bahamas. It will be an intimate celebration, with his wife Miranda Rijnsburger and his children Miguel, Rodrigo, Victoria, Cristina and Guillermo.

Unlike other singers, it will not be a massive event for an artist known around the world. But, La Vanguardia explains, that is what he wants, for them to sing Happy Birthday to him "in the strictest privacy." However, the celebration began this Wednesday when ¡Hola! magazine decided to dedicate a new cover to him a few days before his birthday.

Furthermore, the Spanish publication had an unexpected surprise and that is that it received a letter from Julio Iglesias himself in which the artist spoke of the great meaning that the gossip magazine has for him:

I always say that I don't believe in destiny, but I believe in circumstances. I was not born to be a singer; In reality, I don't know why I was born, but I have had many circumstances in my life that have changed. First I played for Real Madrid, the team of my life, at the same time I studied Law at University, then I almost died, but I lived again; Then, a guitar changed my life forever and I started singing, admittedly not very well, and I also started writing songs. '¡Hola!,' my soul magazine, believed in me, and gave me my first cover in 1971. 52 years have passed and, from that day until today, it has not stopped helping me in my career. I am turning 80 and my gratitude and that of my family is forever. Thanks.

The surprising gift that Julio Iglesias will receive

'¡Hola!' magazine is not the only publication that has decided to celebrate Julio Iglesias's next birthday. Semana magazine also recalled that the singer will be celebrating this Saturday and did so by revealing one of the gifts that his great friend Ricky Castellanos will give him. It was he himself who revealed the present he will give to Julio Iglesias to celebrate his birthday:

Julio turns 80 as king of music. He is my great friend and things have to be done in life. When someone leaves, no one does anything. I like to do things in the moment, that's why I wanted to pay a big tribute to someone who has been on the road all his life.

The public relations brought together more than 400 well-known faces from all over the world and created a video that, according to him, lasts about three and a half hours in which the famous people congratulate Julio Iglesias on his birthday. Some of the people who participate in Maluma, Juanes, Alejandro Sanz and the Spanish journalist Matías Prats . Spanish politicians such as the former presidents of the Government of Spain, Felipe González and José María Aznar, as well as Infanta Elena representing the Spanish monarchy, also participate. The video will premiere this Saturday on the main streaming platforms.