Immigration crisis: Biden challenges DeSantis to visit his home state

The press advanced that the governor of Florida is going to send a new plane with immigrants to Delaware.

In the face of rumors about Ron DeSantis' plans to send a charter plane with immigrants to Delaware, Joe Biden invited the Florida governor to visit his home state and its geography. "He should come to visit (Delaware); we have a beautiful shoreline," said the president.

The rumors began when, last week, DeSantis sent two planes carrying 48 illegal immigrants to Martha's Vineyard, an island in Massachusetts where luxury reigns. One of the examples is that former President Barack Obama acquired a twelve hectare property on the island for close to twelve million dollars.

"Florida can confirm the two planes with illegal immigrants that arrived in Martha’s Vineyard today were part of the state’s relocation program to transport illegal immigrants to sanctuary destinations," assured Fox News DeSantis' communications director, Taryn Kenske. With this move, DeSantis joined the immigration policies of Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who sent immigrants to Kamala Harris' home a few days ago, and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey.

With the landing of illegal immigrants on Martha's Vineyard, reports surfaced that another plane carrying illegal immigrants may have arrived at a Delaware airport, although it has not yet occurred.

At this time, DeSantis "cannot confirm" whether a transfer of immigrants to Delaware, where Biden has his summer home in Rehoboth Beach, is taking place. Meanwhile, both the White House and local authorities in the state are preparing to receive these immigrants.

rehoboth beach
Rehoboth Beach / Wikimedia Commons

Reaction from Washington

White House Communications Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre confirmed the joint work they are doing with Delaware leaders at a press conference:

We are coordinating closely with state officials and local service providers who are prepared to welcome these families in an orderly manner.

Jean-Pierre also assured that the notice of the alleged arrival of that plane "did not come from Governor DeSantis, since its sole objective, as he made clear, is to generate chaos". She was also highly critical of immigrant transfers, which she called a "stunt" in using people to set a political course. "There is no no understanding with the Florida authorities was not even intended," concluded the communications secretary.

DeSantis under investigation

Javier Salazar, a sheriff in Béxar County, Texas, launched a criminal investigation against the governor of Florida for allegedly violating immigration laws with the move to Martha's Vineyard.

The immigrants transferred to Martha's Vineyard arrived in Florida from Bexar County after crossing the southern border. According to Sheriff Salazar, DeSantis "tricked" this group of immigrants for political purposes to send them to the island of Massachusetts.