House condemns the presidents of Harvard, UPenn and MIT for rising antisemitism on college campuses

Democrats joined the Republican caucus to speak out about the position taken by Claudine Gray or Liz Magill. The GOP calls to defund Harvard for promoting antisemitism.

A large majority of the House of Representatives voted to condemn the presidents of Harvard University, the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for rising antisemitism on their campuses. The initiative obtained the support of 303 legislators, both Republicans and Democrats, while 126 were against it.

Elise Stefanik, chairwoman of House Republican Conference and sponsor of the resolution, celebrated that many Democratic legislators aligned themselves with the Republican caucus, while criticizing those who opposed:

The resolution comes days after Claudine Gray and Liz Magill, the presidents of Harvard and UPenn, respectively, appeared last week in the Education and Workforce Committee of the House of Representatives. The legislators questioned how the universities were handling antisemitic demonstrations that in some cases ended in fights and attacks.

They also criticized certain statements, such as one from Magill, who went so far as to say that punishing those who call for the genocide of the Jewish people "is a context-dependent decision," which does not necessarily violate the campus code of conduct.

'It is not enough simply to condemn antisemitism'

Jerry Nadler, one of the Democratic representatives who opposed the measure, justified his vote by saying that the resolution promoted by the Republican Party will not prevent antisemitism from persisting on the campuses of Harvard, UPenn and MIT:

Like most people, I was appalled when the presidents of three elite universities were unable to state unequivocally that calling for genocide against the Jewish people would violate their campus codes of conduct. Just as these college presidents fell short in protecting the Jewish community, so too does the current Republican Congress. It is not enough simply to condemn antisemitism, as we have in toothless resolution after toothless resolution — and as the House has yet again today. We need action, not words.

Defund Harvard for promoting antisemitism

Harvard University receives millions of dollars in federal funding and benefits from tax breaks. Due to the progressive antisemitism in the educational institution, Stefanik requested, in statements to The New York Post, that its public aid be withdrawn:

We must defund the rot in America’s higher education. It is unacceptable and un-American that any taxpayer dollars are going to universities propping up their promulgation of antisemitism by supporting professors, students and staff many who have openly called for the genocide of Jews. We will use every tool at our disposal to ensure that schools that protect and encourage antisemitism are cut off from any and all federal funds.

In fact, initiatives are already being promoted to do so, such as the bill presented by Republican Rep. Eli Crane to penalize Harvard and other university institutions if they are proven to promote antisemitism.