Georgia Board of Elections sanctions Fulton County for committing 'irregularities' in 2020 presidential election

The investigation indicated that election workers scanned more than 3,000 ballots twice. "There is no way this election process or its recounts were certified," said Republican Janice Johnston.

There were "irregularities" in Fulton County, Georgia when counting votes in the 2020 presidential election. In a 2-1 vote, the state Board of Elections determined that the county violated the law, so it decided to reprimand and appoint an independent monitor for the 2024 elections. By complying with the board's demands, the county is exempt from paying a fine.

The investigation, which began in 2022, revealed that election workers scanned more than 3,000 ballots twice. However, officials noted that despite the mistakes made four years ago, they final result wouldn’t have changed (President Joe Biden defeated the former president Donald Trump by almost 12,000 votes).

Republican Board member Janice Johnston voted against the motion and stated that Fulton County election operations need further investigations:

With over 140 violations of election laws and rules, it would be a travesty not to refer this to the Attorney General and let this ride.

According to the board, the 3,075 duplicated ballots was evident (although they could not determine how many were counted in the recount).

Out of a total of 524,659 votes, the initial results gave 137,240 votes to Trump and 381,144 to Biden. After a recount requested by the former president's lawyers, he received seven additional votes and Biden lost 932.

That same week that the board made its declaration, Governor Brian Kemp signed a new law defining the probable causes that allow voters to be removed from the rolls when their eligibility is questioned.