Fugitive immigrants enter the country illegally without getting caught by authorities thanks to the help of human traffickers

Reporter Auden Cabello told Voz Media that smugglers bring these people across the border without getting caught by Border Patrol. Many of them bring drugs such as "marijuana or cocaine."

More and more “gotaways,” or illegal fugitive immigrants are managing to enter the country without being detected by the authorities. It is estimated that almost 1.8 million people have managed to enter the U.S. in this way.

Independent reporter Auden Cabello (who covers current events on the border crisis) explained to Voz Media that human smuggling gangs are responsible for bringing these immigrants into the country. Many bring drugs with them, "specifically marijuana or cocaine."

Cabello reported that the situation has become common due to the collapse of the border. Border Patrol agents receive a large influx of immigrants daily, which leaves many nearby areas without officers.


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They promote human smuggling on TikTok

Cabello posted a video on social media showing how a human smuggler operates in the deserts of Mexico. The video shows how he carries out his entire operation successfully. He claims there are many others who use social media (such as TikTok and Facebook) to promote human smuggling.

Most of the people who enter the U.S. in this way come from countries like Mexico. Others come from Central America. According to Cabello, "Typically these people who do not meet the requirements for humanitarian parole or asylum and their origin and economic situation determine how and where they enter the United States.”

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