Florida: Police investigate whether body found in burned vehicle is that of woman whose abduction was videotaped by driver

A video shows a masked man with a gun breaking into a car at a traffic light and drives away with the owner inside.

Florida authorities are investigating whether the human remains found in a burned vehicle correspond to a woman whose abduction was recorded by a driver in broad daylight after she was assaulted at a stoplight.

"A witness recorded a possible carjacking in progress at the intersection of East Lake Drive and Tuskawilla Road in the Winter Springs area of unincorporated Seminole County. In the video, an armed suspect, believed to be a white or Hispanic male, in a black hoodie, what appears to be a Halloween mask, and dark clothing can be seen pointing a weapon at the driver of a white Dodge Durango, (Florida’s License Plate KVFF22) and then getting in the back driver’s side door," explained the police in a statement.

A second suspect, also believed to be a white or Hispanic male, drove immediately behind the Durango that the armed subject exited in a green Acura sedan with an obscured license plate.

Authorities also indicated that they believe the burned remains of a body found inside a car are those of  Katherine Guerrero De Aguasvias. 

Although the body and car were so badly damaged that officials could not confirm that it was Guerrero De Aguasvias, investigators said the circumstances were too consistent with the bizarre abduction to assume they found a victim of a separate assault.