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France: Fire at Palace of Versailles forces tourists to evacuate the iconic building

Authorities managed to extinguish the flames and "quickly control" the fire. The palace is back open to the public again.

Vídeo subido por ECO and GEO mostrando el leve incendio que estalló en el Palacio de Versalles el martes, 11 de junio de 2024.

(YouTube: ECO

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A fire at the Palace of Versailles in France forced tourists to evacuate the iconic building. The flames started at 3:30 p.m. local time while several workers were renovating the roof of the palace. The fire was quickly captured by several internet users who did not hesitate to share images of the incident:

As reported by Le Figaro, the fire started above the marble patio in the royal residence. This was reported by the Palace of Versailles Communications Department, which assured that the fire had been "quickly controlled" and that the building was reopening its doors and allowing visits by the hundreds for tourists:

Today there was smoke in the palace. The incident was quickly brought under control and the public was evacuated for safety reasons. The palace and gardens are open.