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Biden breaks own fundraising record after presidential debate

Biden's campaign has raised $33 million since his poor performance in the debate with Donald Trump.

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After the president's disastrous performance in the first presidential debate, his campaign team is trying to restore order, turning to the backing of Democrat leaders and putting the spotlight on Trump's performance, whom they accuse of having lied on countless occasions. As a result of these efforts, Biden's team announced this Sunday that, since the debate in Atlanta (Georgia), the president has raised $33 million.

They claim that the hour after the debate was the most lucrative for the president since he launched his campaign. Spokesman Kevin Muñoz explained that $26 million came from private donations and that almost half of the total donors donated for the first time in this cycle.

Trump's team, on the other hand, reported that he raised $8 million the day of the debate between the two candidates, according to the New York Post. The total raised this month has yet to be published. 

Trump raised almost twice as much as Biden in May, with $141 million compared to the president's $85 million. It has yet to be determined whether Trump managed to keep his fundraising lead in June following the increase in donations after his guilty verdict in the Stormy Daniels case.