Eduardo Verástegui calls for unity of the conservative movement: "Together we are stronger"

Many countries "are at risk of losing the most important things a nation can have: God, homeland, family and fundamental freedoms."

The well-known actor and human rights activist Eduardo Verástegui highlighted in exclusive statements to Voz Media the importance of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) held in Mexico last weekend.

The president of the Movimiento Viva México noted that the event is "an international movement of conservative alliances" that will help "all countries" in Latin America to be stronger and work together, as many "are at risk of losing the most important thing a nation can have: God, country, family and fundamental freedoms." 

It was important to make this event successful because what we are doing is an international movement of conservative alliances to help each other. Together we are stronger and sometimes we work separately against the same problems that each country faces.


Attacks against CPAC

Verástegui singled out certain media outlets and the Mexican government for their campaign against the CPAC in Mexico. In reference to the criticism of the event, he defended its value and scope, affirming that "if we are being kicked around by the media, it means that we are doing something right or, because we are hurting interests."

He also reflected on how progressives try to indoctrinate children with their ideas and thoughts, taking away their parents' right to decide on "how to educate their children" and leaving them "brainwashed." He gave his personal case as an example of what this culture is and how it works on the population: "I was a victim of this culture that tells you that if you don't have the power, the fame, the pleasures, you are a nobody." He says:

The progressives, the radical left, have the universities, public schools, most of the media, not all here a clear exception.... But most of the media are globalists.

The activist ended his conversation with Karina Yapor for Voz Media by thanking his team and all the people who made the challenge of holding the conference possible. With their faith in God "to make this world the best place":

Happiness is inner peace, it is given, it is the fruit of a life that seeks perfection humanly speaking (...) That can be achieved with God's help to make this world the best place.