Disney prepares for a possible Republican majority in Congress

The company's CEO is in talks with Republican leaders over concerns that Republicans "may ramp up their attacks on the company."

Disney is making preparations for the event that the GOP takes control of Congress. The company's CEO, Bob Chapek, has been in constant private phone conversations this year with House Republicans who have criticized the company for taking "woke" positions on political and cultural issues. According to reporting from CNBC:

Some Disney executives and their advisers are worried that Republicans could step up their attacks on the company if the party wins control of the House, according to people familiar with the matter. They are concerned that the Republican Party may pressure the company not to speak out on social issues.

Polls suggest that the Republican Party has an advantage over the Democrats in the days leading up to the midterm elections.

Company is too woke

A Disney spokesman said the company talks to lawmakers from both Democratic and Republican camps. However, CNBC's unnamed sources claimed that the CEO's calls are almost entirely with Republican Steve Scalise the current minority whip of the House of Representatives.

Scalise and Disney have had a close relationship for years. Scalise has held events and fundraisers at Disney venues throughout his career, according to NOLA.

Cristina Antelo, a Democratic strategist of whom Disney is a client, commented in a recent interview: "I think there is significant concern now that Republican lawmakers believe in free markets and capitalism but only if they agree with that company." She also believes that if Republicans win back the majority in the House, they "can bring pressure on companies that they believe are too woke."

"While most major companies have been preparing for a potential power shift in Washington for months, Chapek has engaged directly with lawmakers poised to become a lot more powerful if the GOP retakes the House," notes CNBC.

Although House Republicans do not currently hold the majority in the House, they have put pressure on Disney and other companies for their "woke" stances on social issues. Sources say that in many of the calls between Chapek and Republican officials, the CEO is "forthright" and even defends the company's opposition to projects that go beyond his beliefs, such as his rejection of Governor Ron DeSantis' "Don't Say Gay" bill in Florida.