Capitol Police arrest several protesters participating in an illegal pro-Palestine demonstration at Hart Senate Office Building

According to authorities, more than 40 people were arrested for "illegally" organizing a demonstration, chanting "ceasefire now."

Capitol Police shut down access to the Hart Office Building in Washington, D.C., due to an "illegal" pro-Palestinian protest. According to an official statement:

Just after 10 a.m., a group of people started illegally protesting inside the Hart Senate Office Building. It is illegal to demonstrate inside the Congressional Buildings. 

Officers detained several of the assembled protesters, which several media outlets such as the Washington Examiner estimated at more than 40 people. They were calling for a ceasefire in Gaza shouting slogans such as "ceasefire now" and "free Palestine":

More than 40 people were arrested for D.C. Code § 22–1307 - Crowding, Obstructing, or Incommoding. One person climbed a statue in the atrium. He was arrested separately for § 22–405.01 - Resisting Arrest. We will provide final numbers later today.


The most striking image of this protest was captured by Fox News. It shows a person perched on a black statue on the second floor of the Hart Senate Office Building, shouting "ceasefire now," only to be charged with resisting arrest.

Senators speak out about pro-Palestine protest

Senator Thom Tillis was among those who shared images of the illegal protest on social media:

He was not the only one. Texas Sen. Tom Cotton also expressed his disapproval of the pro-Palestine protest. In a post on X, Cotton assured that the protesters "represent their cause well":

Capitol Police closed access to the building to all visitors except Senators and their staff until further notice.