Bukele at CPAC: "Who chose Soros to dictate public policy?"

The president of El Salvador spoke at the famous conservative conference about his security strategy.

Nayib Bukele, president of El Salvador, gave his speech at CPAC this Thursday night. The controversial president, who has gained worldwide fame for his security policy and his particular way of confronting the bloodthirsty gangs that plagued his country for decades, touched on different topics and provoked several moments of applause from the audience.

He began by calling on conference attendees to defend the United States and mentioned the metaphor of the toad in boiling water, explaining that perhaps many Americans at this moment do not realize the seriousness of what is happening in the country, but if they don't act in time, when they wake up, it may be too late.


He then went on to talk about violence and the need to be tough against crime. He stated that in some places in the United States, crime is "accepted and even promoted" by governments and assured that the same thing used to happen in El Salvador, where "gangs controlled everything, including elections and political parties."

He assured that to combat crime it is not only necessary to arrest terrorists and criminals, but also "remove corrupt judges and prosecutors." He highlighted that in El Salvador, corrupt judges used to let gang members go free and added that deep down, the whole system is corrupt and it works hand in hand with NGOs and the media.

"Who elected Soros to dictate public policy?" asked the president of El Salvador, and then assured that the "global elites" hate the success that his government has had and that, in many places, they control both Justice and the media. Elaborating on the media, he addressed journalists directly: "Don't call yourself a journalist if you are just an activist."

He ended his speech by assuring that it is not about El Salvador guiding the United States but that "it is a model for countries that have lost or are losing their way." He assured those present that his government transformed El Salvador "from the most dangerous country to the safest in the Western Hemisphere" and that they did so by "defeating the global elites."