Border crisis: Americans demand expansion of the wall and the end of sanctuary cities

Seventy-three percent of Americans are in favor of strengthening the barrier on the southern border.

The border crisis, which last month saw the highest number of migrant encounters in a single month, worries Americans: 71% consider that the level of security at the border is not strict enough, according to a recent survey by Fox News. Only 17% are satisfied, and 9% think the restrictions are too severe.

Democrats are increasingly raising their voices against the Biden administration's immigration policies. Congressman Jamaal Bowman, New York Mayor Eric Adams and Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey are some of the Democrats that have spoken out against their own party’s measures. This wave of disapproval does not stop at the leadership of the Democratic Party, since, according to the same survey, 48% of Democratic voters believe that the level of security at the border is not strict enough.

One of the measures that is gaining ground in opinion polls is the construction of the border wall. The government issued an announcement in the Federal Register that implied that it was changing its position on building the wall. Previously the Biden administration went as far as to secretly auction off pieces that had not yet been used, per some reports. Although Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas later announced that the announcement had been misinterpreted, a Rasmussen poll revealed that 73% of Americans approved of the decision to continue building the physical barrier on the border with Mexico. Sixty-two percent of Democratic supporters indicated their support, while an overwhelming 86% of Republicans also approved.

The Fox poll cited above, places support for expanding the wall at 57%. Among those who voted for Trump in 2020, the percentage in favor is 90%, while 26% of those who opted for Biden share this opinion.

Sanctuary cities under the magnifying glass

Another demand that has been gaining strength is the end of policies that limit collaboration with federal authorities on immigration issues. In other words, the end of sanctuary cities.

Forty-six percent of Chicagoans surveyed by M3 Strategies want to end the city's sanctuary status. Minority voters (51% of black voters and 48% of Hispanics) are those most in favor of ending sanctuary policies, concerned about the resources necessary to confront the immigration crisis, the pollster explained to ABC 7.

The survey was released at the same time that residents of New York, another sanctuary city, also protested the city’s immigration policies. Mayor Eric Adams announced in September that the city could not accept more immigrants. He admitted that the immigration crisis, for which he blames the Biden administration, "will destroy New York."