Biden surpasses Carter as the worst-rated president one year before the elections

The current leader of the Executive further perpetuates a decline in support for his administration, which registers its worst popularity figures since he began his mandate.

Less than a year before the 2024 presidential election, Joe Biden has surpassed Jimmy Carter as the lowest-rated president in history. The management of the current leader of the Executive, on day 1,049 of his mandate, is approved by only 37.9 of the voters, while Carter, in this same period, amounted to 44.5. Completing the podium is Donald Trump, who at this point in his presidency had the approval of 41.8% of Americans.

Support for Biden continues to fall

Furthermore, a five thirty eight analysis of the average rating of the presidents according to the main national surveys shows that the popularity of the current occupant of the White House has been on a downward trend since his inauguration. A trend that, with the latest information, does not show any signs of improving in the near future. Biden began his term with the support of 53.8% of voters, but it sank to 38% after the first year of his presidency. The numbers for day 1049 are also the worst record in the popularity of the commander in chief.

However, the dubious honor of having recorded the worst popularity data in the history of a president belongs to Jimmy Carter. The former president obtained 29% on day 899 of his mandate, in the most complicated moments of his presidency. At that point in his term, Biden had 40% support, and Trump had 42.7%. Ronald Reagan, who was in fourth place in terms of unpopularity, had 45.5% support.

Eisenhower and the Bush, the best rated

On the contrary, the best viewed presidents at this point in their mandate were Dwight Eisenhower, with a notable 77.6% support. The Bushes, father and son, follow. In the case of George HW Bush it reached 55.6%, while his son reached 52.3% . Since there is historical record, of the last 13 presidents, seven exceeded 50% approval at this point in their mandate. The last three leaders suspended.