Biden administration allows Cuban regime a privileged visit to Miami Airport security and sparks bipartisan outrage

"Letting agents of the dictatorship enter those facilities is having let Castro's spies enter the heart of Miami Airport."

The Biden administration allowed representatives of the Cuban regime a privileged visit to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) control facilities at the Miami International Airport, as revealed in an exclusive this Tuesday by Diario Las Américas.

According to the newspaper, the representatives of the Castro dictatorship had "access to sensitive information, a practice that is reserved for representatives of allied countries," which caused outrage among members of the TSA itself.

The visit took place within the knowledge exchange framework between the TSA and airport officials on the island. The Cubans visited "sensitive areas, where computerized control technology is located," which "could compromise national security," for which some US officials protested, according to Diario Las Américas.

"Letting the agents of the Cuban dictatorship into these facilities is having let Castro's spies into the heart of Miami International Airport, one of the nation's main transportation centers," a source contacted by Diario told the newspaper.

The agents of the Cuban regime "had direct access to the new three-dimensional X-ray technology, whose goals are to identify explosives in order to stop terrorist groups from introducing them into the airplane cabin or other areas," the source added.

From the late 1950s, when the Cuban Revolution came to power, until today, the island's regime has identified the United States as its greatest adversary. In that sense, Cuba has represented a threat to the interests of the White House due to its historical alliances with Russia (formerly the Soviet Union), Venezuela, the Iranian regime, and China.

Bipartisan outrage

On his X account, the Republican senator for the state of Florida, Marco Rubio, published a statement saying, "Only under the Biden administration would they allow a terrorist regime into our secure facilities at one of America's busiest airports."

"I questioned the Department of Homeland Security why they are so unaware," Rubio added.

Miami-Dade mayor Daniella Levine Cava, a Democrat, also spoke out. She said she was surprised by the news that a delegation of officials from the Cuban regime visited the airport.

"The decision to allow Cuban officials to tour secure areas at the Airport was made without the knowledge of the Miami-Dade Aviation Department and occurred during the Cuban Independence Day celebration, a date on which we reaffirm our commitment to freedom and democracy in Cuba in the face of a brutal dictatorship," reads the statement from Mayor Levine Cava.

"Miami-Dade County firmly supports the Cuban people here in our community and on the island as the fight to bring freedom to Cuba continues," she said.

Former Miami Airport director and former Miami city manager Emilio González called the visit a "greedy and deliberate act by the Department of Homeland Security."

"Allowing personnel from a state sponsoring terrorism to visit an airport facility does not make sense," said Gonzalez, who suggested that Miami Airport should then consider withdrawing from the TSA.

"TSA heads should roll. There is no common sense and lack of awareness of our safety. Who visits next? The North Koreans?" he said.