Betrayal of Israel? Biden to propose to U.N. Security Council a ceasefire that would benefit Hamas

The resolution contrasts with the Jewish state's plans to wipe out the terrorist organization's last stronghold in Rafah.

President Joe Biden will present a resolution to the United Nations Security Council calling for a temporary "ceasefire" in the war between Israel and Hamas. In addition, he will express his opposition to a ground offensive that could put an end to the last battalions of the terrorist group.

Following the United States' promise to veto Algeria's immediate ceasefire proposal, the Biden Administration created an alternative resolution seeking a "temporary ceasefire in Gaza as soon as possible."

According to reports, the text that the United States will present to the U.N. argues that its measure would serve to free the hostages that Hamas continues to hold. Likewise, it emphasizes that an Israeli ground offensive in Rafah could cause "further harm to civilians" and affect neighboring countries, "which would have serious implications for regional peace and security."

However, this proposal contrasts with Israel's plans, which has firmly expressed its intention to attack Hamas in Rafah, a city located in southern Gaza and adjacent to Egypt, as part of its strategy to obtain victory in the conflict. Israel has explained that Rafah is the terrorist organization's last stronghold and plays a crucial role in smuggling routes to and from Gaza.

"The United States should veto pro-Hamas resolutions, not propose them"

The Biden Administration's position has generated criticism, especially from former National Security Council official during the Trump Administration, Richard Goldberg, who believes that the proposal the White House's proposal would allow Hamas to survive. In his statements to Fox News Digital, Goldberg expressed his opposition, pointing out that "the United States should be vetoing pro-Hamas resolutions, not proposing them," calling the action "a complete betrayal of U.S. interests and values."