Bernie Sanders vs. Amazon: Senator to investigate its labor practices

"The company's pursuit of profit at all costs has led to unsafe physical environments," the Vermont lawmaker said.

Bernie Sanders will begin a dispute with Amazon. The Independent Senator announced a Senate investigation into labor conditions in the company’s warehouses. In addition, it will focus specifically on Jeff Bezos’ company’s treatment of workers injured during the workday.

The Senator, who since 2021 serves as chairman of the Upper House Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, sent a letter to Amazon CEO Andy Jassy to inform him of the process he is about to initiate.

The company’s quest for profits at all costs has led to unsafe physical environments, intense pressure to work at unsustainable rates, and inadequate medical attention for tens of thousands of Amazon workers every year,” he wrote in the message.

In its endless pursuit of profits, Amazon sacrifices workers’ bodies under the constant pressure of a surveillance system that enforces impossible rates. When faced with worker injuries, Amazon provides minimal medical care… This system forces workers to endure immeasurable long-term pain and disabilities while Amazon makes incredible profits from their labor,” added the two-time presidential candidate.

Sanders had previously pressed Joe Biden to suspend any federal contracts with the company, alleging a violation of federal law. As reported by The Hill, a company spokesperson announced receipt of the letter, which will be reviewed in the coming days.

Amazon questioned the Senator’s repeated claims against it, ensuring the company is a safe workplace. To prove otherwise, Sanders launched a website for former and current company workers to testify about their working conditions.

“Chairman Sanders wants to hear from current or former workers, supervisors, medical staff, or anyone else in Amazon’s warehouses about their experiences to help inform that investigation,” the website reads.