Spike in illegal Chinese migrants crossing the southern border

Border Patrol officers have had 24,296 encounters with Chinese citizens trying to cross the border illegally so far in fiscal year 2024. The number is higher than last year when 24,125 Chinese citizens crossed the border illegally.

New data released by the Border Patrol (CBP) shows that so far in fiscal year 2024 (until March), officers have detained 24,296 Chinese citizens who crossed the border illegally. The figure exceeds the entire 2023 fiscal year (when 24,125 Chinese citizens illegally crossed the border).

However, when comparing the figure with previous years, there has been a 6,000% increase in the arrival of Chinese citizens:

- Fiscal year 2021: 342 Chinese citizens
- Fiscal year 2022: 1987
- Fiscal year 2023: 24,125
- Fiscal year 2024: 24,296 (there are still more than six months until the end of the year)

Most Chinese citizens who cross the border illegally are single adults

Information released by CBP shows that the vast majority of Chinese citizens who cross the border illegally are single adults. The report also revealed that in March 2024 alone, CBP recorded a total of 189,372 encounters along the southwest border.