Arnold Schwarzenegger, detained for three hours at the Munich airport, Germany

The former governor was carrying a luxury watch that he did not declare when crossing the border, which caused him to spend more than three hours in the company of customs agents.

Former California governor and famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger was detained for several hours upon his arrival in Germany this week. The customs authorities at Munich airport kept him there because of the luxurious watch that the Conan the Barbarian actor had with him when he entered the country.

Specifically, the watch Schwarzenegger was wearing was so valuable that German law required him to declare it to customs at the airport before continuing on his way. According to German press reports, Schwarzenegger had to pay the corresponding taxes for entering the country with that luxury item.

But the watch was not intended to be worn by the former governor. It was part of a lot from a charity auction in which Schwarzenegger participates to raise funds. A representative of the former governor of California told the German newspaper Bild that Schwarzenegger "cooperated at all times, despite the fact that it was an incompetent investigation, a total comedy full of errors, but which would make for a very funny police movie."

The actor had to pay €35,000 in taxes for not declaring the item, which at auction will have a starting price of €50,000 . It is a Swiss made watch from the manufacturer Audemars Piguet, of which there are only about 20 pieces worldwide.

After clarifying the situation for three hours, Schwarzenegger continued on his way towards Austria. The former governor took the situation with some humor and posed smiling with the customs agents who were in charge of his case.