Antisemitic protestors vandalize World War I Memorial, burn American flag in Central Park

The events occurred while the police prevented protesters from reaching the Met Gala, held fifteen blocks to the north.

Antisemitic vandals destroyed one of the monuments to the First World War in Central Park and burned an American flag while New York law enforcement prevented more than 1,000 protesters from reaching the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where the important Met Gala took place.

According to the New York Post, at least one of the vandals set fire to a flag in front of the One Hundred and Seventh Infantry monument, the base of which was vandalized with graffiti reading “Gaza.”

Likewise, the monument’s bronze soldiers were also vandalized with stickers of the Palestinian flag and graffiti reading slogans such as “Stop Genocide,” “End Apartheid,” and “Free Palestine.”

The NYP also reported that several vandals climbed onto the statue’s soldiers and began waving Palestinian flags.

“The anarchy near the corner of Fifth Avenue and East 67th unfolded with no cops in sight as a large police presence had mobilized about 15 blocks north at the Met to ensure one of the biggest nights in fashion wasn’t crashed by any anti-Israel protesters” reported the New York tabloid, which accompanied its report with images of the destruction caused by anti-Semitic vandals.

The One Hundred and Seventh Infantry monument was not the only one vandalized during the day on Monday.

The bronze statue of General William Tecumseh Sherman in Grand Army Plaza was also covered with graffiti and Palestinian flags.

Before the vandalism, around two dozen antisemitic protesters were arrested near Madison Ave and East 83rd Street as a mob marched from Hunter College toward the Met Gala, heavily guarded by the NYPD.

Despite the crowd, the Police managed to protect the art museum and prevent antisemitic protesters from interrupting the important event.