An Arizona representative asks Mayorkas to deploy the National Guard in Tucson to deal with the massive influx of migrants

Juan Ciscomani sent a letter to Alejandro Mayorkas assuring that "our agents and officers are overrun and undermanned" to face the crisis.

Arizona is suffering the consequences of the massive influx of migrants. The city that has it the worst is Tucson. There, the situation has gotten so bad that Republican Representative Juan Ciscomani sent a letter to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, asking for him to deploy the National Guard to control the immigration crisis:

In the letter, Ciscomani stated that "our agents and officers are overrun and undermanned" to manage the crisis. That, coupled with the arrival of more than 9,400 migrants in a 24-hour period, 3,000 of whom arrived in Tucson, motivated the Republican representative to send the letter in an attempt to obtain more help:

Tucson Sector is leading in encounters and our agents and officers are overrun and undermanned. The situation is far past a breaking point and those on the frontlines in this crisis are in need of immediate support. I urge you to immediately request that the Department of Defense deploy the Arizona National Guard to help with this dire situation.

Ciscomani is concerned about the immigration crisis in Arizona

It is not the first time that the Republican representative has shown his concern about the border situation in Tucson. For days now, Ciscomani has been taking to X (formerly Twitter) to expose the unsustainable crisis that the city of Arizona is experiencing:

The situation, meanwhile, continues to worsen. Fox News Digital recalls that this past summer there was a huge influx in immigrants. There were more encounters with illegal immigrants this year than recent years. The Biden administration claims that it is allocating resources and officers, although, according to Ciscomani, it is not enough for the level of migrants who arrive every day:

Our CBP agents and officers continue to be undermanned and overrun at every turn of the border crisis. The Biden administration must take action to fix this crisis of their own creation and the best way to start is by providing CBP with the support they deserve. By immediately deploying the National Guard in Arizona, we provide the men and women charged with securing our border the much-needed reinforcement to do their jobs.