A Miss Universe judge receives death threats after arguing with a Palestinian activist about the conflict in Gaza

The violent messages led Emily Austin to seek help from the FBI and hire private security.

Journalist and Miss Universe judge Emily Austin became the target of numerous death threats after expressing her opinion about the war between Israel and Hamas on a television show.

Recently, Austin was a guest on "Piers Morgan Uncensored," where she discussed the conflict in Gaza with Palestinian activist Nerdeen Kiswani. During the conversation, the Miss Universe judge confronted Kiswani about the failed rocket launch that ended up exploding at al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza and also asked the activist if she condemned the 9/11 attacks.

Austin's questions provoked anger in Kiswani, leading her to initiate online harassment outside the program, according to the journalist. "She was threatening me on Instagram with, like, a red arrow over my head, telling people how funny it was to put a bounty on my head. That's not so funny," Austin told Fox News Digital.

According to Austin, her social media is now filled with death threats, intimidation and harassment, with messages including calls for violence and anti-Semitic hatred. The beauty pageant judge reported that even her mother was suffering from harassment after the interview.

"People are now violating my privacy, searching for my house address online and posting it," she revealed.

Austin asked the FBI for help

The journalist revealed that after receiving so many violent messages, she decided to contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

"They're investigating every single DM, every single post. And I'm really thankful they're so hands-on and one phone call away 24/7," she said.

Austin also said he has taken other measures, such as hiring private security personnel to deal with growing online threats.

Kiswani, leader of a radical group

According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Kiswani leads the Within Our Lifetime-United for Palestine (WOL) group. This radical New York-based organization frequently voices its support for violence against Israel.

According to the ADL report, Kiswani has gone so far as to call for the expulsion of Israeli Jews and even the complete eradication of the country at war.