A bus company will stop transporting illegal immigrants to New York from Texas while the lawsuit brought by Eric Adams is resolved

Roadrunner Charters signed the agreement in exchange for New York City not requesting preliminary injunctions.

Texas-based bus company Roadrunner Charters has agreed to suspend transporting illegal immigrants from Texas to New York City, at least while the courts evaluate a lawsuit brought by Mayor Eric Adams.

This Wednesday, Roadrunner Charters signed a document committing to immediately stop the transportation of immigrants to the Big Apple and other nearby areas in exchange for New York not requesting preliminary precautionary measures.

Eric Adams celebrates the agreement

The mayor of New York reacted to the bus company's decision by noting how pleased he is that one of the defendant companies decided to at least temporarily stop participating in what qualified as part of Texas Governor Greg Abbott's plan of "overwhelming" the shelter system and "shifting costs to New York."

"We call on all other bus companies involved in this suit to do the same," he said.

The demand

The lawsuit filed by the New York City Department of Social Services, backed by Mayor Adams, alleges that Roadrunner Charters and 16 other companies violated New York state law by failing to bear the costs associated with the care and assistance of the migrants. The lawsuit seeks financial compensation of $708 million in damages.

The legislation cited in the lawsuit states that any person who brings a needy individual from out of state for the purpose of making them a public charge must either remove them from the state or provide financial support.

Roadrunner suggests the lawsuit should be against Abbott

In an interview, Roadrunner's attorney, Robert Hantman, asserted that his client should not be involved in this lawsuit and suggested that Adams should direct it toward Abbott.

"Our client has nothing to do with the decision to move the migrants from Texas to New York, and they should not be a named party," he said. "We look forward to ultimately being successful because you can't invite migrants to a sanctuary city and expect a bus company to pay for it. It makes no sense," he added.

Abbott will continue transporting illegal immigrants

A spokesperson for Abbott recently informed Politico that the governor intends to continue busing illegal immigrants north until President Joe Biden fulfills his duty to secure the border.

The spokesperson revealed that Texas has already transported more than 106,000 immigrants by bus to so-called sanctuary cities, including New York.