55 million people will travel during Thanksgiving week

This data would approximate pre-pandemic levels according to the Transportation Security Administration.

Officials expect Thanksgiving travel to increase this year and approach pre-pandemic levels, thanks also to the removal of covid-19 restrictions. The American Automobile Association (AAA) estimates that about 55 million people will travel elsewhere, either by air or ground transportation, from last Friday through to next Sunday.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) manager David Pekoske said, "This year we expect to be busier than this time last year, and probably very close to pre-pandemic levels."

According to the TSA, travel during the 2022 holiday weekends increased over previous years, which may be a further symptom of how travel will increase during this Thanksgiving week.

On Wednesday alone, officials checked the documentation of 2.5 million people at airports. TSA estimates indicate that this Sunday will be the busiest day at airports, and could reach as high as 2.9 million travelers - a record high - previously recorded on the Sunday after Thanksgiving 2019.

End of restrictions

With the decline in deaths and covid-19 infections and the end of restrictions, travel is on the rise. In addition, gatherings with family and friends will be different: more people and no masks.

Despite the decline in transmission, White House Chief Epidemiologist Anthony Fauci suggested that everyone should be tested to confirm that they do not have covid-19 before they associate with the elderly or immunocompromised.