'Wembanyama Effect': The San Antonio Spurs' newest player is putting the team back on the map

The French rookie, number one in the 2023 Draft, has had some spectacular stats in his first games in the NBA.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the San Antonio Spurs have been one of the best teams in the greatest basketball league in the world. Thanks to the Big Three made up of Tony Parker, Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan, they won four NBA Finals and put the franchise at the top. However, after losing the last title, their dominance has gradually faded. That was, until now. There is one player who can put the Spurs back on the map. We are talking about Victor Wembanyama.

The 19-year-old French basketball player in the NBA is making headlines. The Spurs must be pleased with his performance in his first five games, proving why he was number one in the last draft. If he keeps it up, he will probably be named Rookie of the Year.

Wembanyama pulled out the big shots in his last game against the Phoenix Suns. The French rookie was the best player of the game, leading the Spurs to victory. He scored 38 points and had 10 rebounds. This was his second double-double after his first against the Houston Rockets on October 27 (21 points and 12 rebounds).

His performance against the Suns was so impressive that his coach, Gregg Popovich, had nothing but good things to say:

He is a multifaceted player. He'll pass to the open guy. He's got confidence in himself. He made some plays today that were unbelievable. That combination is pretty good if you have that skill and you're willing to pass the ball.

In the rest of the games, Wembanyama also scored over 10 points (15, 11 and 18 points). Thanks to his wingspan (approximately 8 feet), he completely dominates the court. He is agile and handles the ball better than you would think given his size. If he keeps it up, it could be the beginning of an era.