Walt Disney Studios, the newest victim of the screenwriters' strike

The film studio and its subsidiaries are postponing the release of several of their productions due to the writers' strike, according to several media outlets.

The screenwriters' strike continues to damage the world of film and television. As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Walt Disney Studios has had to postpone the release of several of its upcoming blockbusters. Some have been delayed by up to a year.

Walt Disney Company subsidiaries such as Marvel Studios, Pixar, 20th Century Fox and Lucasfilm have been forced to postpone the release date of their films because their scripts have not been written or were being written but have been paused due to the strike. 

Below is the list of movies that have been postponed and their new release dates:

- Captain America: Brave New World: 7/26/2024

- Thunderbolts: 12/20/2024

- Untitled Alien Movie: 8/16/2024

- Blade: 2/14/2025

- Untitled Deadpool Movie: 3/5/2024

- The Amateur: 8/11/2024

- Avatar 3: 12/19/2025

- Fantastic Four: 5/2/2025

- Avengers: Kang Dynasty: 1/5/2026

- Moana: 6/27/2025

- Untitled film of Star Wars: 5/22/2026

- Avengers: Secret Wars: 5/7/2027

- Untitled Star Wars movie: 12/18/2026

- Avatar 4: 12/21/2029

- Avatar 5: 12/19/2031

The screenwriters' strike leaves rampant damage

Disney is not the first in the entertainment industry to suffer the consequences of the screenwriters' strike. The upcoming season's television schedules of ABC, CBS, The CW, NBC and Fox were conditioned by the unionized writers' hiatus. The late shows also canceled their live broadcasts.

The Tony Awards were the latest to fall victim to the screenwriters' strike.