Virginia Walmart shooting suspect left a letter explaining he was "led by Satan"

In the note, he asked God to forgive him for his actions and stated that he suffered harassment at work.

The main suspect in the shooting at a Chesapeake, Va. Walmart last Tuesday, Andre Bing, left a note on his cell phone addressed to God, in which he explained that he "was led by the Satan [sic.]." In addition, he claimed that he was being harassed at work. At the end of the note, he asked God for forgiveness and said that he "failed to listen to the groans of the holy spirit [sic.]."

Chesapeake Police found the note after conducting a cell phone analysis of the suspect. He was a Walmart employee, initial investigations indicated. He and two others were found dead in a Walmart break room. The shooter used a handgun. In Bing's home, agents found ammunition and several items related to the weapon.

The alleged killer murdered six people, and four others were injured. After committing the shooting, he committed suicide inside the store. The events occurred around 10:15 p.m. last Tuesday. Police were alerted to an attack inside the Walmart located near Battlefield Boulevard. Upon entering the store, officers found several dead and injured people, according to a Chesapeake police spokesman.