Two-thirds of Americans favor wall to curb illegal immigration

They also want E-Verify, the electronic system used by the government to ensure that only legal workers are hired.

The majority of Americans who voted in the 2022 midterm elections favor ending illegal immigration and getting legal immigration under control. In a poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports in conjunction with NumbersUsa they found that 67% of Americans favor a wall to curb the number of migrants entering the country illegally.

On the other hand, 69% also agree with the use of the federal electronic system E-Verify. These are used by the U.S. government to require businesses to hire only workers who are residing legally in the country.

2.4 million illegal immigrants

Some 60% of users say the immigration crisis is a big problem and 51% say the Biden administration is doing a bad job. Only 20% gave the administration a rating of good and 12% excellent on the subject.

"This polling is remarkable. It shows clearly that most American voters of every type, party and ideology agree that immigration needs to be brought under much better control," said NumbersUSA Vice President of Operations Jim Robb.

Border agents have long been dealing with waves of immigrants arriving in the country. In fiscal year 2022, which ended Sept. 30, there were 2.4 million immigrants who had attempted to cross into the United States illegally, according to reports last month by Customs and Border Protection.