Trump candidate Geoff Diehl wins Massachusetts gubernatorial primary

92% of the candidates supported by the former president have defeated their rivals in the Republican primaries.

Geoff Diehl, a former member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, will be the republican candidate for governor of the state, after defeating Chris Doughty in the primary with 55.9% of the vote, according to AP.

Doughty said he doesn't oppose Donald Trump's policies, especially on economic issues, but in 2016 he voted for Hillary Clinton. Trump considers him a RINO (republican in name only). "Doughty will do nothing but surrender to the radical left-wing extremists. He'll sell out the conservatives every single time. If you want to save Massachusetts from the radical left, then vote for Geoff Diehl," Trump said at a campaign rally in the Codfish State.

A republican governor in a democratic state

Massachusetts is a heavily democratic state but has elected for eight years a republican, Charlie Baker, as governor. Although state law does not impose a limit on the number of terms a governor can serve, Baker is retiring this election, so there was a dispute about who would be the Republican nominee.

Geoff Diehl will have to face Attorney General Maura Healey, who is leading in the polls and campaign fundraising.

92% success rate

This result increases the percentage of Donald Trump supported candidate victories. According to Ballotpedia's tally, in 2022 Trump endorsed 223 candidates in general primaries and 206 of his candidates won, which is 92%. With this new result, which was not counted by Ballotpedia, he has 207 wins and 17 losses. If we add the two victories of the two candidates he has supported in special primaries, the result is 209-17.