Tiger Woods makes his fashion debut by launching his brand, Sun Day Red

The American golfer launched his brand a month after ending his 27-year partnership with Nike.

Tiger Woods decided to venture into the world of fashion after ending his partnership with Nike. One of the greatest golfers of all time has launched his own clothing brand, Sun Day Red, a month after cutting ties with his sponsor of 27 years.

"It’s the right time in my life. It’s transitional. I’m no longer a kid anymore," Woods said at a press conference in Los Angeles (California).

The brand was born from a partnership between the golfer and the sports manufacturer TaylorMade Golf, which has sponsored some of Woods' rivals such as Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson and Scottie Scheffler.

At the beginning of 2024, Woods and Nike ended their contractual relationship. They started working together in 1996. They extended their contract three times and the golfer made more than $200 million. According to its website, the brand will hit the market on May 1.