The NHTSA opens an investigation against Amazon’s robotaxis following two accidents

According to the report, two Zoox's vehicles braked suddenly, causing two motorcycles to crash into them.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) opened an investigation this Monday against Amazon robotaxis following two accidents with these vehicles.

The report claims that recently two Zoox cars, owned by Amazon, braked suddenly, causing two motorcycles to crash into the back of the vehicles. The motorcyclists ended up suffering minor injuries:

Each incident involved a Toyota Highlander equipped with Zoox ADS. Each incident resulted in a motorcyclist that was following a Investigation: PE24015 Open Resume Page 2 of 2 Zoox vehicle colliding into the Zoox vehicle. Each incident resulted in minor injuries. Both collisions occurred during daytime lighting conditions and within the Operational Design Domain of the Zoox ADS.

In the statement, the NHTSA explained that the two vehicles were operating in self-driving mode when the accident occurred. This concerned the NHTSA, which decided to investigate another 500 vehicles, focusing especially on Zoox automated driving performance and, specifically, in the behavior adopted by this technology "in crosswalks around vulnerable road users, and in other similar rear-end collision scenarios."

Second investigation against Amazon robotaxis

This is not the only problem Zoox is facing. As CNBC recalls, the NHTSA announced in March that it was launching an investigation in relation to the self-certification of vehicles owned by Amazon in 2022 since they had doubts that the robotaxis complied with federal safety standards.

Meanwhile, Zoox is continuing to test out its robotaxis in Las Vegas, Nevada and Foster City, California. The company announced that it has not ruled out expanding its operating routes in those areas so that these vehicles can be tested out in larger areas, at higher speeds, with night driving and in light rain.