The migration crisis on the northern border: "Over 6,100 apprehensions in just 11 months, surpassing the last 10 years combined"

Swanton Sector Border Patrol Officer Robert Garcia revealed the overwhelming influx of migrants in his area and called for reinforcements to ease the "tension" his agents are experiencing.

Swanton Border Patrol Officer Robert Garcia revealed that illegal immigrant crossings in his sector – located on the northeast border – have experienced a shocking increase in the last 11 months.

The number of migrants who have been apprehended in this area exceeded the total for the entire previous decade. According to a post by Garcia X (formerly Twitter):

The migration crisis at the northern border

Although the numbers of apprehensions at the northern border are always lower than those registered at the southern border (more than 200,000 per month), this area is also facing an illegal immigration crisis.

From October 2022 to July of this year, more than 7,600 arrests have been made across the border with Canada, compared to 2,238 in fiscal year 2022 and 916 in 2021.

In February, Officer Garcia warned that his agents were experiencing a "tension caused by the increase" of illegal immigrants and warned that their stations were "saturated with work." He also requested reinforcements from the southern border. At the time, he cited a nearly 850% increase in migrant apprehensions in his sector since October 2022:

Due to the increase in numbers, the stations are saturated with the processing of large groups, which has contributed to leaks, pedestrian and vehicle incursions.

Republicans blame Biden administration for crisis

Republican members in the House of Representatives blame the crisis on the immigration policies implemented by the Biden administration. They have called on Congress to pass the Border Security Act crafted by their party to "end Biden's border crisis." Rep: Elise Stefanik from New York said:

Enough is enough. It is time for Joe Biden to secure our Southern and Northern Border and the quickest way to do that is for Chuck Schumer to pass and Biden to sign into law House Republican's Secure the Border Act, which is the strongest border security bill in history and would put an end to the Biden border crisis.

Former Senator and New Hampshire gubernatorial candidate Kelly Ayotte thanked Border Patrol agents for their work despite the "dangerous situation" they face. He further argued that "the Biden administration stands idly by as dangerous criminals and drugs flow into our state":