The House passes the Laken Riley Act, which would allow the detention of illegal immigrants accused of robbery or theft

All House Republicans were joined by 37 Democrats to give the green light to the legislation introduced by Congressman Mike Collins (R-GA).

The House of Representatives approved the Laken Riley Act on Thursday, named in honor of the young student who was murdered by an illegal immigrant. The bill advanced to the Senate with bipartisan support and would mandate that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrest illegal immigrants for “any crime of robbery, theft or shoplifting.”

The young woman was studying at the Augusta University School of Nursing on its Athens campus, where the University of Georgia is also located. She was in the third year of her studies and was even on the honor roll.

The authorities found her lifeless body near a lake, and her remains were identified hours later. Authorities identified an illegal immigrant, José Antonio Ibarra, as possibly responsible for the murder.

On February 23, UGA Police Chief Jeffrey Clark announced Ibarra’s arrest. He faces eight charges in relation to the crime, including charges of intentional homicide, felony murder, aggravated battery, aggravated assault, false imprisonment, kidnapping, hindering a 911 call and concealing the death of another person.

In this context, 37 Democrats joined all Republicans in the Lower House to approve the aforementioned legislation, which would entail essential changes in the ICE detention policy.

According to the text, the agency should arrest illegal immigrants for “any crime of robbery, theft or shoplifting.”

House Republicans are not going to stand by quietly while the president and his administration release dangerous criminals into our communities. The Laken Riley Act would help prevent future tragedies. If Senator Schumer and President Biden care to protect Americans and are serious about securing the border, they will bring this legislation up for a vote and sign it into law immediately,” said House Speaker Mike Johnson.

Innocent Americans from Laken Riley in Georgia to the 14-year-old rape victim of an illegal immigrant in our home state of Louisiana. They’ve all been victimized by those whom the Biden administration has released into our country. He is releasing them into your state,” he added.

Republicans promoted the text hours before the State of the Union as a way of putting pressure on Joe Biden for his poor management of the southern border since January 2021.

Donald Trump had recalled the case of the young woman during his passage across the southern border last Thursday. The former president spoke of “a beautiful student who was barbarously attacked” and mentioned having spoken to her parents about it.

“The monster, the person responsible, accused of the death, is an illegal foreign immigrant who was brought to our country and released into our communities by Crooked Joe Biden,” said the former president.