The Biden campaign organizes a press conference with Robert De Niro in front of the courthouse where Trump is being tried

The actor and several police officers who defended the Capitol on January 6 spoke out against Trump and claimed that a second term could be fatal for the country.

Joe Biden's campaign team held an impromptu press conference this Tuesday in New York. They chose the street outside the courthouse where Donald Trump is being tried for the Stormy Daniels case as the venue. The event featured several prominent Biden supporters, including actor Robert De Niro and two Capitol officers who were at the Capitol during the January 6 altercations.

During the press conference, Biden's campaign guests delivered speeches warning of the potential disasters that could occur if Trump were to win the November elections this year.

Actor Robert De Niro, who recently filmed a campaign ad for Biden, directly attacked the former president and his supporters. He described them as "clowns" and criticized their presence surrounding the area as he addressed the crowd. "It’s kind of crazy, it’s really crazy. this thing. Donald Trump has created this. He should be telling them not to do this… he wants to sow total chaos, which he’s succeeding in some areas and places to do," De Niro said.

Along with De Niro, Officers Dunn and Fanone, both of whom defended the Capitol during the January 6 protests also spoke. They showed their support for Biden's administration and criticized Trump, whom they hold responsible for the attack.

The appearance of the two officers served as a direct reminder from the Biden campaign of the events of January 6, a case in which Donald Trump also faces a pending trial, though it has not yet begun. Following De Niro's remarks, Fanone took the stage and provided a detailed account of the January 6 riots. Dunn followed and accused Donald Trump of inciting political violence.