The American College of Pediatricians says sex change procedures on children "amount to child abuse"

ACPeds responded to the American Academy of Pediatrics: “There is no scientifically robust evidence to support transgender interventions on minors".

The American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds) stated it is "disappointed" that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) reaffirms its support for gender reassignment procedures in minors:

ACPeds is disappointed that the AAP has reaffirmed its support for transgender interventions on minors.

In a press release, ACPeds stated that "there is no scientifically robust evidence to support transgender interventions on minors," and argued that "the existing evidence reveals harms, not benefits of such interventions."

"There is a lack of clinical evidence"

The pediatric physicians who are members of the college noted that before reaffirming its support, the AAP should take into account that "there is lack of any significant clinical evidence and a lack of long-term positive outcomes for children treated with puberty blocking drugs, sex hormones, and transgender interventions":

We reaffirm our position that these interventions are scientifically unproven and amount to child abuse.

In the statement, ACPeds exposes the cases of several European countries that have banned the surgeries due to the long-term damage they cause:

The AAP should take into account the growing scientific evidence against transgender interventions in minors that has led some countries, including the United Kingdom, Finland, and Sweden, to withdraw their support for such interventions.

ACPeds defines itself on its website as "a national organization of pediatricians and other health care professionals dedicated to the health and well-being of children." It also details that it "is not a religious or political organization."

The AAP and its "systematic review" of gendered treatments for children

A few days ago, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) laid out in a statement that it will expand its guidelines on gender affirming treatments for minors due to concerns they feel about "bans on gender-affirming care in more than 20 states."

Despite the "systematic review" to be conducted by the academy, in the text the physicians expressed their support for these interventions to continue to be performed on minors:

The AAP Board of Directors voted to reaffirm the 2018 AAP policy statement on gender-affirming care and authorized development of an expanded set of guidance for pediatricians based on a systematic review of the evidence.

Mark Del Monte, CEO and executive vice president of AAP, stated:

AAP will continue to ensure young people get the reproductive and gender-affirming care they need and are seen, heard and valued as they are.