Tennessee mobilizes National Guard to stop border invasion

Bill Lee joins the list of governors who have applied a similar measure to neutralize the immigration crisis.

The governor of Tennessee, Bill Lee, has deployed the National Guard to support his counterparts in the border states - without specifying the exact destination - in the face of President Joe Biden's inaction to counter the immigration crisis.

"As America faces the most severe border crisis in decades, TN is showing the rest of the country what it means to lead. Today, I joined TN National Guard members who will soon deploy on a voluntary mission to secure the Southern border as the federal government fails to act," Lee confirmed on social media a few days ago.

Initially, the governor of Tennessee will assign 50 members of the state National Guard, who will remain in place this month. When it concludes, they will be replaced by a new delegation.

It is not the first state to carry out a similar initiative. Previously, Florida, Alabama, Virginia, West Virginia and South Carolina did so.

Lee was one of thirteen governors who went to Eagle Pass, Texas, in February to support his counterpart Greg Abbott. In addition to Lee, Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Arkansas), Brian Kemp (Georgia), Brad Little (Idaho), Eric Holcomb (Indiana), Kim Reynolds (Iowa), Jeff Landry (Louisiana), Tate Reeves (Mississippi), Mike Parson attended (Missouri), Greg Gianforte (Montana), Jill Pillen (Nebraska), Chris Sununu (New Hampshire) and Spencer Cox (Utah).