Target recalls all LGBTQ merchandise it had on children's mannequins

"This proves that we are powerful. We are the majority. There is a line that must not be crossed," opined journalist Benny Johnson.

Target ordered the removal of the LGBTQ collection products from children’s mannequins and the relocation of the figures to the children’s section following controversy over the items.

This Tuesday, journalist Benny Johnson reported through his Twitter account that a whistleblower sent him an internal guide sent by the company to its stores where it orders to dismantle gay pride merchandise from the children’s section.

Johnson shared the document and highlighted that the retailer’s decision demonstrates that it is possible to prevent the woke agenda from moving forward if they take matters into their own hands.

“This proves that we are powerful. We are the majority. There is a line that must not be crossed. We can win when we put our shoulder to the wheel and say “NO MORE,” he said, stressing that there are still “many more battles to fight.”

Target loses its value in the stock market

After the gay pride product line was made public, the company’s stock plummeted to a yearly low.

By last week, the New York Post estimated that Target’s losses reached $9 billion, and the situation does not seem to be improving for the company despite its attempts to mitigate the boycott.

The company tried to make the collection invisible

Shortly after Target CEO Brian Cornell came out publicly raving about the LGBT-themed collection, it was reported that the company held an “emergency” meeting in which they agreed to reduce the line in many of their stores and move it from the front to the back.

However, this has not been enough for conservatives, especially given the number of products in the collection specifically for children and babies.