Supreme Court agrees to review Trump's exclusion from Colorado ballots

The high court announced it will hear arguments on the state ruling on February 8.

In a crucial step for Donald Trump’s political future, the United States Supreme Court has agreed to evaluate whether or not the former president can be removed from the Colorado ballot. This decision follows a ruling by a lower court in that state, which upheld the ruling that Trump is ineligible for public office due to his alleged violation of the “insurrection clause” of the Constitution.

This Friday, the high court issued an order announcing that it will hear arguments on February 8 against Trump’s removal from the Republican primary ballot scheduled for March 5 in Colorado.

Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung gave the following announcement: “We welcome a fair hearing at the Supreme Court to argue against the bad-faith, election-interfering, voter-suppressing, Democrat-backed and Biden-led, 14th Amendment abusing decision to remove President Trump’s name from the 2024 ballot in the state of Colorado.”

It should be remembered that the Colorado decision, issued on December 19, argued that Trump could not appear on the state’s ballot due to his alleged participation in an “insurrection.” Under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, this would prohibit him from holding public office again.

In response, Trump’s lawyers filed an appeal, arguing that the presidency is not covered by Section 3. Additionally, they claimed that the Colorado Supreme Court mischaracterized Trump’s involvement in the Jan. 6 violence and that the court violated the Constitution by intervening in the matter since the question of presidential eligibility is reserved for Congress and not for state courts.

The Colorado Supreme Court had already stayed its own ruling pending Trump’s appeal. Secretary of State Jena Griswold confirmed on December 28 that the former president will remain on the 2024 primary ballot unless the Supreme Court upholds the state court’s decision.

Now, the Supreme Court will have the final say in determining the political future of the former president in the upcoming elections.