'Sound of Freedom' to be released in Mexico on August 31st

Mexican audiences will enjoy the hit film produced by Eduardo Verástegui and starring Jim Caviezel.

Sound of Freedom is undoubtedly a success, something that is being reflected at the box office. After nine days in theaters, it has grossed more than $45 million and is number one. American audiences are rewarding the work of each and every person in the film, both tn front of the camera and those behind it, despite the attacks coming from the industry. Viewers also give it well-deserved recognition for its main objective: to condemn child trafficking and pedophilia.

Now it is Mexico's turn to enjoy Sound of Freedom. Eduardo Verástegui, cast member and producer, confirmed that the film will be released in Mexico on August 31.

Verástegui issued a statement celebrating the success that many of the major production companies did not want to be a part of:

Because we are competing with the biggest in the industry and we are positioned first. They closed a lot of doors on us over the years: Disney, Netflix, Amazon and other distribution houses said no, 'this film is not for us, it's not good business, nobody will watch a film about child trafficking,' they said.

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In addition, the Mexican producer wanted to thank Angel Studios, the distributor of Sound of Freedom, for believing in the project:

Faced with these refusals, we had two options: give up and throw in the towel, or - when it came to saving lives - not give up, keep going and persevere as long as necessary. And finally, after 8 years invested in bringing 'Sound of Freedom' to life, the distributor Angel Studios shows up in a town in Utah called Provo, interested in helping us distribute the film.