Son of the president of the Dominican Republic's Chamber of Deputies murdered in Texas

Luis Alfredo Pacheco Rojas, 34, was the son of Dominican Deputy Alfredo Pacheco.

The son of Alfredo Pacheco, the president of the Dominican Republic's Chamber of Deputies, was shot and killed in Texas. The incident occurred in an apparently premeditated incident, according to police, who identified the victim on Wednesday.

The deceased is Luis Alfredo Pacheco Rojas, 34, the Houston Police Department said on social media. "We have spoken with Mr. Pacheco about his son’s death and advised him detectives continue efforts to determine possible motives for the shooting," police added.

The events occurred on Monday night, when Pacheco Rojas, along with three others, left a convenient store and got in a black Cadillac Escalade.

At that moment, they were intercepted by two vehicles. Men dressed in white and carrying long guns got out and opened fire on the black SUV. Pacheco was shot several times and tried to protect himself inside the store. He was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

"One of them [Pacheco] was shot multiple times," Houston Police Deputy Chief Adrian Rodriguez told reporters Monday, when the identity of the deceased was not yet confirmed.

A second occupant of the SUV, who was carrying a gun, was wounded, while the other two were unharmed. Local television stations showed the black SUV with several bullet holes in the windshield and body. In other videos apparently made by witnesses, the alleged attackers are seen firing shots, while gunshots are heard.

"We believe that the people aboard the Escalade van were a target," Rodriguez added.

"He lived in Atlanta and went sporadically there [to Houston]. The version we have unofficially is that it was an act of hired assassination against a DJ whose name I don't remember," and not against his son, Deputy Pacheco told Telemundo. According to the Dominican press, Pacheco Rojas was also a DJ.

Police are looking for four suspects in the attack, all of them Hispanic, who fled the scene. On social media, authorities released images of three of them, apparently from a security camera, where they are seen with weapons in hand.