Setback for Haley: Koch brothers stop donating to her campaign after loss in South Carolina

Americans For Prosperity Action said it will now redirect its efforts toward competitive Senate and House races.

The conservative super PAC Americans For Prosperity Action (AFP Action), backed by the Koch brothers, withdrew its financial support for presidential candidate Nikki Haley in the Republican primary following her recent defeat in the South Carolina primary.

The news was revealed via an email sent by AFP Action Executive Director Emily Seidel to staff and obtained by POLITICO. In the message, Seidel clarifies that, despite its unconditional support for the candidate, given the results in the primary states, the group is not convinced that its intervention can significantly pave the way to victory.

Additionally, the mailer reports that the group will redirect its efforts toward competitive races for the Senate and House of Representatives.

AFP Action's decision represents a significant blow to Haley's campaign, which has already faced defeats in four of the early nominated states, including her home state, where former President Donald Trump beat her by a 20% margin last Saturday.

AFP Action has backed Haley since late November last year by funding ads and operations. Although the exact amount spent on the group on Haley is unknown, its withdrawal represents an additional challenge to Haley's already complicated presidential race.

Despite this, Nikki Haley continues to raise considerable sums of money independently, which will allow her to maintain her candidacy at least until Super Tuesday on March 5, as she has promised.

In fact, after the results of South Carolina, the candidate went on stage in Charleston, acknowledged her defeat, and assured that she would keep her word and continue campaigning.

"I am a woman of my word. (...) I will not give up this fight," she stated.