Secret Service reveals it has found various drugs in the White House three times since 2022

As with the recent cocaine case, the authorities also failed to arrest anyone for the incidents on the other occasions.

Shortly after the Secret Service announced that it had closed the investigation into the cocaine found in the White House, the agency reported that this is not the only drug that has been found in the president’s official residence.

A Secret Service spokesman revealed that small amounts of marijuana had been found in the White House on two separate occasions since Joe Biden took office as president, once in July and again in September of last year.

According to information provided to Fox News Digital by the agency’s spokesperson, in both cases, less than 0.2 ounces of marijuana was found, and authorities collected and destroyed the marijuana.

However, no one was ever arrested for these incidents since, according to the spokesman, “the weight of the marijuana confiscated did not meet the legal threshold for federal charges or D.C. misdemeanor criminal charges, as the District of Columbia had decriminalized possession,” but despite this, such substances are still not allowed on federal property, such as the White House.

Cocaine found also did not result in arrest

During the briefing, the Secret Service announced that their investigation into the cocaine found in the West Wing of the White House was concluded, and they did not identify any suspects. This caused particular outrage among Republicans.

“They have facial identification, they have — y’all know you can’t go in there without giving your Social Security number, and to say that it’s just some weekend visitor, that’s bogus. Nobody’s buying that at all,” expressed Republican Rep. Tim Burchett.

For her part, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert spoke about the lack of surveillance at the White House and questioned the type of people who enter the official residence. “What kind of people is Joe Biden bringing into the White House?” she asked.