Cocaine or hazardous material: what was found in the White House?

A white powder was found in the West Wing of the presidential residence. On social media, users speculated about the potential connection of the substance with Hunter Biden.

The mysterious white substance found at the White House on Sunday generated controversy on social media. The material caused a brief evacuation in the West Wing of the presidential residence. A spokesperson for the Secret Service commented:

U.S. Secret Service Uniform Division Officers located an unknown item on the White House complex. ... As a precaution, the White House grounds were evacuated, and the D.C. Fire Department's Hazmat team responded.

Officers from the D.C. Fire Department's Hazmat team were deployed to the surrounding area to assess the material, and the Secret Service closed traffic on several of the streets surrounding the White House.

Subsequently, it was revealed that the material was considered "non-hazardous." However, according to a leaked recording published by several media outlets, including The Washington Post, the substance was identified as cocaine hydrochloride and is currently in a laboratory for further analysis.

Users on social media question a connection to Hunter Biden

From the moment the news spread, users on social media and some media outlets began to speculate about the possible relationship between the substance and Hunter Biden. The president's son's long history of drug addiction is publicly known.

Hunter is known to have traveled to Camp David, another presidential residence, with his father two weekends in a row in the Marine One helicopter. In addition, Joe Biden's son also recently attended a state dinner held for Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the White House.

According to PJ Media:

Despite the best efforts of some to insinuate that the cocaine hydrochloride found at the White House was innocuous nasal spray, it is possible that it was simply a bag of cocaine. ... The lack of interest in the story by the mainstream media raises some red flags. On top of that, we know that Hunter Biden, a supposedly “recovering” drug addict, was recently at the White House for a state dinner. ... Cocaine can be processed to produce three different forms of the drug: cocaine hydrochloride, freebase cocaine, and crack cocaine.

Laura Loomer, a Project Veritas journalist also linked the substance to the president's son:

Donald Trump Jr., son of former President Donald Trump, asked: "#WheresHunter?

Lara Logan, an investigative journalist, reacted in a tweet: "Where's Hunter?"