Riley Gaines speaks out about the persecution she has faced in the House of Representatives

The swimmer was also featured in the 'Real Women of America' calendar made by Conservative's Dad Ultra Right Beer.

Swimmer Riley Gaines is at the center of controversy for speaking out against transgender athletes participating in women's sports competitions. The situation has reached such a point that the athlete spoke out at a hearing in the House of Representatives about persecution she has face since she began her work as an activist:

She spoke out minutes into a House hearing about transgender athletes in schools. During the appearance, Gaines encountered opposition from several Democrats who believe that prohibiting transgender students from participating in women's competitions is discriminatory. Given this, the athlete responded, in statements reported by The New York Post, that the truly discriminatory thing was to let them participate:

Of course, there is a place for everyone, regardless of gender identity, regardless of sexual orientation, regardless of race or what sports you play. There’s a place for everyone to play sports in this country. But unsafe, unfair and discriminatory practices towards women must stop. Inclusion cannot be prioritized over safety and fairness, and ranking member Lee, if my testimony makes me transphobic then I believe your opening monologue makes you a misogynist.

Riley Gaines is the new face of Ultra Right Beer

Meanwhile, the athlete and activist is involved in a new project. Riley Gaines signed on to be the new face of Conservative's Dad Ultra Right Beer, a company that defines itself as "woke-free" and that emerged as a clear competitor to Bud Light, which recently received backlash for featuring Dylan Mulvaney in an ad.

The company launched a conservative calendar titled "Real Women of America," the first, according to Ultra Right Beer, to "specifically showcase the most beautiful conservative women in America."

Ten percent of the company's proceeds from the sale of these calendars will go to the Riley Gaines Center to safeguard women's sports from the "extreme leftist ideology seeking to destroy women's athletics." Seth Weathers, CEO of Ultra Right Beer, told FOX Business the real intention of launching this calendar on the market:

This calendar is in no way intended to discredit transwomen… because there is no such thing as a 'transwoman.'