Rick Scott accuses Democrats of favoring Hamas by blocking a vote on a bill that would prevent the terrorist group from benefiting from taxpayer money

The senator claimed that his colleagues are more concerned with ensuring the support of radical leftists than with preventing the financing of the violent organization.

Florida Republican Sen. Rick Scott lashed out at Democrats Monday, accusing them of aiding Hamas by preventing a crucial vote that would prevent taxpayer money from funding the terrorist group.

This Monday, Scott spoke during a Senate session about the ongoing negotiations on foreign aid. He called for a vote on a bill aimed at preventing money intended to help Gazans from ending up in the hands of the terrorists responsible for the attack against Israel, which resulted in the deaths of more than a thousand people.

"We must stop taxpayer dollars from funding Hamas' terror and ensure the release of the hostages," said the senator. However, despite his calls, the vote was blocked by Democrats, sparking Scott's outrage.

"Today, Democrats did Hamas' dirty work by blocking the Senate from even voting on my amendment to stop taxpayer dollars going to Hamas," the senator said.

The senator called the Democrats' refusal "disgusting" and accused the Democratic Party of being more concerned with securing the support of radical leftists than with preventing the financing of terrorist organizations.

"They're still holding American hostages and we're giving money to Gazans," the senator expressed with obvious frustration.

This is not the first time Scott has made efforts to prevent Hamas from benefiting from aid money sent to Gaza. Last year, the senator also introduced his Stop Taxpayer Funding of Hamas Act after the Biden Administration admitted that Palestinian aid could be funding Hamas, but on that occasion, Democrats also blocked the bill's approval.